Get your family, Sunday School class, and or friend group together to pray for a school.

Here are a few things we need you to do…

  1. Some of our schools will be open and some will not. You can drive around the school or park in the parking lot and pray.
  2. We have a prayer guide and 24 virtues to help you pray. (Ask you church staff for these guides)
  3. You can go to more than one school.
  4. Choose any elementary, Jr High, High school, Jr College, or one of our Universities. Pick at least one to cover in prayer.
  5. Take a picture of you and or your group and send it to Mitch Williams or myself. Mitch cell is 601-270-4601. JD is 601-408-6589 or email to

Many of our schools will have their doors open and want you to come inside to pray. Some will not and we will pray as we walk around the building. Do not try and enter the building or trespass in any way, unless a school official is there to allow you inside at their request. If you have a personal connection to a school official, please contact them and let them know the date and times.

We are expecting BIG things this year. It is going to be EPIC!

24 Virtues to Pray Over Students